New top cop

Lieutenant David Raimond is the new Commandant of the Gendarmerie brigades in St. Martin as of May 1. Originally from the region of Mont Saint-Michel in Basse-Normandie, he was previously with the territorial brigade of Gaillon (27) since 2015 where he was Deputy Commandant.

He joined the Gendarmerie in 1999. Following his training at Chatellerault he was assigned to the mobile brigade of 24/3 Monts D’ Aunay until 2004, followed by a departmental posting to the brigade of Troarn (14). In 2008 he joined the motorcycle brigade of Caen, the highway peloton at Potigny (14) and the judiciary pool of the department for road security in Caen until 2015 where he passed the exam to become an officer. His hobby is sailing. His posting in St. Martin is for three years.

Source: The Daily Herald