New website launched by Council of Advice

PHILIPSBURG–In its first bi-annual extraordinary meeting with Governor Eugene Holiday, the Council of Advice launched its new and revamped website for the public on June 8. An English version of the website is now also accessible via The website has now been optimized for tablets and smartphones.

The Governor in the meeting discussed several topics related to the development of the country.

The revamped website has an updated list of draft legislation and other documents that have been submitted to the Council of Advice over the years, as well as an overview of the advices rendered by the Council that have been published in accordance with the law.  

Visitors to the website can now track advice requests submitted to the Council from the time of arrival up to and until an advice has been rendered.

While a limited amount of advices have been translated from their original Dutch text, the site does include English summaries. Other features include extensive profiles of the Council members and a search option that enables visitors to the website to search for specific advices or draft legislation submitted to the Council for vetting.    

The Council said that in its task as High Council of State and final advisor to Government and Parliament in legislative matters, it strives to strengthen democracy and is certain that its new website reinforces this by promoting transparency and good governance and stimulating active citizenry.

The Governor is the constitutional chair of the Council of Advice, and in this capacity has an advisory function.

Source: The Daily Herald