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The first of the Month of the Banks series featured a team from Crédit Mutuel at the presentation on June 7. (Robert Luckock photo)

MARIGOT–The first session of the Bush Tea Networking “Month of Banks” took place at Maison des Entreprises on Thursday, June 7. The breakfast organised by the Chamber of Commerce (CCISM) and the Fédération de Très Petites Entreprises (FTPE) of St. Martin was an opportunity for Crédit Mutuel and professionals to exchange about issues related to both parties in a friendly atmosphere.

The focus was on the digitisation of banking services allowing for better remote management by the customer and a higher level of efficiency for professionals. The benefits of leasing versus conventional loans and other products were also presented.

“Long before Hurricane Irma, companies in St. Martin were experiencing difficulties, so it is obvious the situation has worsened since the phenomenon,” stated FTPE President Jeanne Rogers-Vanterpool in her introduction. “Here we are almost eight months after Irma and we find ourselves more than ever in a difficult, if not critical, situation.

“As far as very small businesses are concerned, we have to rebuild our clientele, buy back stock, put our staff out of work or lay them off, pay our debts, promote our services, but what can we do without enough cash for some and even without premises for others?

“That is the situation we find ourselves in today. In the name of the brave men and women entrepreneurs who had an idea, the ambition and the courage to realise their dreams we must find solutions to get through by creating fruitful partnerships.

“Our objective is to create companies that develop, that create jobs. We want solid and sustainable companies. To begin this Month of Banks today we have the pleasure and honour of welcoming M. Charneau, Director of Crédit Mutuel, as well as his team whom he will present.”

For a first of its kind, the CCISM and the FTPE are satisfied with the partnership and intend to continue pooling their resources in the interest of St. Martin’s entrepreneurs, thus enabling them to revive their activity, develop it and preserve it.

The next session of the Bush Tea Networking is scheduled for this Thursday, June 14, from 7:30 to 9:30am with a presentation by Credit Lyonnais (LCL).

Places being limited, it is necessary to register in advance by sending an email to or by calling CCISM at (0590) 87.84.42. Please note: no personal matters will be discussed.

Source: The Daily Herald