NIA dancers win medals in France

PHILIPSBURG–Students of National Institute of Arts (NIA) Zoe van Zadelhoff and Jeremiah David won gold medals Wednesday, during the French National Confederation of Dance Competition, which is held in Dijon, May 4-7. The two NIA champions were joined on the podium by Keona Inguenaud, who won a bronze medal.

David and Van Zadelhoff both captured first prizes in the Solo Jazz Mandatory Category 2. Inguenaud won a bronze medal as she ranked third in the Other Style Category.
In total, seven NIA students qualified to compete in the French nationals. The four-day event features over 2,500 competitors from the French federation.
Judged by international dance professionals, NIA students qualified for the French national championships during the regional championships held in St. Barths in March.
The competition continues today, Friday, and Saturday. The NIA team still has to compete in two more categories this weekend.

Source: Daily Herald
NIA dancers win medals in France