NIA hosts post-Irma trauma conference, dance workshop


Armelle Six.


PHILIPSBURG–National Institute of Arts (NIA), in collaboration with Armelle Six, will host the “How to live again, after the worst has occurred Conference” on Thursday, January 25.


  As part of the NIA’s Art Heals programme, persons are invited to attend this healing conference, an initiative by French St. Martin resident Marie Lecleve, who at the time of Hurricane Irma was attending Armelle Six’s training workshop on “Movement of Life” in Quebec, Canada.

  Since her return to St. Martin, Lecleve noticed that the post-Hurricane Irma trauma is still very present on the island. “The violence of the psychological aftermath is still there,” says Lecleve.

  She reached out to Six and together they launched a project to offer support to affected people in the post-traumatic phase. Thursday’s Conference will deal with answering the question: “How to live again after the worse occurred.”

  Six, herself a survivor of profound loss in her life will share the process of her healing journey. After the brutal death of her son in April 2001, “my life went upside down,” she says. “Facing the unexpected intensity of the event and the void suddenly made me look inwards.”

  The healing process brought her through a rebirth within herself and a discovery of who she is at her core and what life is truly about.

  Propelled by the aim to teach the art of happiness and self-listening, Six has been touring the world sharing her process through her “Movement for Life” lectures and dance workshops, offering strength and support to communities in need.

  Six will be in St. Maarten January 23-31. The conference is open to all and will take place at NIA in John Larmonie Center on Thursday, at 7:30pm. This will be followed by a “Movement for Life” dance workshop and a spontaneous dance event.

Source: The Daily Herald