NIPA, K1 to train, equip youth facing challenges | THE DAILY HERALD

A scene during the hands-on activities tour.

 CAY HILL–The National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) and K1 Britannia have teamed up to provide technical-vocational training to a number of youngsters in the country who are facing hardships.

  Ahead of the start of the official training scheduled to begin in January 2019, the K1 Britannia team was given a tour of the NIPA campus, on Thursday, November 29. The K1 Britannia team, which consisted of 15 members, were welcomed to the campus by the NIPA’s Advanced Vocational Education (AVE) board, management and staff, along with Trinidad and Tobago-based MIC-IT representatives.

  The K1 team was split up into several teams where they each participated in a number of hands-on activities surrounding the programmes which will be offered to selected youngsters. “This not only gave the K1 team an overview of what all is currently being offered at NIPA, but also a first-hand feel and experience of what the young upcoming participants will be doing in and out of the class room environment,” NIPA said in a press release on Wednesday. 

  The K1 Britannia team became trainees for the day wearing protective gear and they enjoyed the experience, the release said. “They were simply overwhelmed by the experience as their expectations were exceeded.

  The K1 team was guided and taught by current students of the programme with their course instructors looking on. Students became instructors for the day putting together their own programme, teaching the K1 participants everything from mixing cement to cutting timber, to making electrical connections amongst others.”

  At the end of the work session the team was treated to lunch prepared by students in NIPA’s culinary department. “The visit and experienced was termed a success and parties now anxiously await the start of the programme. It is NIPA’s mission to continue along the path of growing and building relations with our industry partners, catering to the needs of our society from a Technical-Vocational perspective. Together with our strategic alliance partner MIC-IT in Trinidad, NIPA will be looking at offering specialized trainings and short courses, as well as expanding its current list of programmes offered.”

  More information can be obtained by contacting NIPA at 543-0497, e-mail: or visit their website at: .

Source: The Daily Herald