NIPA to introduce SBO and Sports Programme

CAY HILL–A service level agreement (SLA) was signed between National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) and Johanna Sommers, an educational consultant for the development of a curriculum for an SBO level 3 and 4/Associate of Applied Science degree in Sports, Physical Activity and Recreation Programme for NIPA.

The school is ideally located right next to Belair Fitness Centre and the ocean, which makes it possible to practise all types of sports and recreational activities. This programme will be developed in collaboration with the Sports Federation, the Department of Sports and other stakeholders to ensure that it meets sporting and labour market needs.

Students will have the option of choosing one of three specialisations: Physical Education assistant for persons interested in working in primary schools, afternoon school, after school programmes, etc.; Sports Activity Coordinator for persons interested in working in the Hospitality Sector; and training and coaching for persons who would like to work in a fitness centre as a personal coach or trainer.

Persons involved in the programme include Ministry of Education policy advisor Sandro Garcia, Department of Sports head Jonelle Richardson, Sports Federation President Aartwicht Bell, Department of Sports policy advisor Rawley Busby and NIPA Interim Director Tasheena Maccow-Thomas.

All stakeholders are excited about this agreement, as it is the foundation of the development and execution of this programme. The programme is slated to start in September and will be open to PSVE PKL, TKL and CXC students.

As space will be limited, interested persons should contact NIPA as soon as possible for information and/or early registration. Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs congratulated all stakeholders on meeting the needs for education and the job market with this collaboration on courses geared towards sports, to be added to NIPA.

Source: The Daily Herald