No COVID-19 on Saba thus far | THE DAILY HERALD



SABA–So far, all results for coronavirus COVID-19 tests on Saba have returned negative. There is still one test pending, the Public Entity Saba stated early Sunday afternoon.

  According to Saba Government Information Services, as of Sunday, April 5, 18 persons were tested for the coronavirus, 17 of which proved to be negative. There are no positive test results, so far, with one test still pending. There are currently 17 persons in self-quarantine in Saba.

  “Most people are gradually coming out of quarantine and have been given the all-clear based on the test results and check-ups by the Public Health Department,” the public entity stated.

  Patients returning to Saba after having travelled abroad for medical reasons will go directly into quarantine, it was stated. “Let’s remember to stop the stigma surrounding this virus, maintain our social distancing and continue to practice proper hand hygiene,” the island government cautioned.

Source: The Daily Herald