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PHILIPSBURG–The Prosecutor’s Office in St. Maarten informed the general public of the decision to postpone, until further notice, the criminal court hearings of March 25, 2020, and April 2, 2020. Twelve suspects were scheduled to appear before the judge during Wednesday’s criminal sitting.

Persons who have received a subpoena to appear before the judge will receive a new summons for another date, the Prosecutor’s Office said in a brief statement on Monday.

For more information or questions the Prosecutor’s Office can be emailed at

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The Joint Court of Justice announced last week that all non-urgent court cases would be postponed or put on hold. Subpoenas and summons that have already been sent out will be repealed by the Prosecutor’s Office.

As these are considered urgent, the court will give its decisions in the cases of two suspects of armed robbery on Wednesday, April 1.

O.D.G. (29) and J.S.F. (19) are both suspects in the robbery of Dragon Garden Chinese restaurant on October 4, 2019, during which firearms were pointed at persons in the establishment. They are also charged with illegal firearm possession.

Both defendants confessed to the alleged crimes, which they committed together with a third suspect whom they declined to identify and who is still on the run.

Suspect G. is facing five years’ imprisonment. The prosecutor requested a prison sentence of four years for F., who is being held as an accomplice.

Source: The Daily Herald