No new COVID-19 cases in Curacao | THE DAILY HERALD

WILLEMSTAD–According to Epidemiologist Izzy Gerstenbluth during Curaçao’s daily coronavirus briefing said there are no major changes to report, “which is very positive.”

  The total number of confirmed cases remains at 14, and there is still one inconclusive test meaning results have not led to a firm determination yet. This person will be tested again.

  As is already known, one victim has died, one is still in the hospital (the doctor did not give details of the person’s condition), eight are safe and four are still in isolation. Some 22 who were in contact with infected persons are being monitored. Three per cent (51) of those who entered the island after the restrictive measures were announced are still being monitored.

  Gerstenbluth said that even if this sounds good, “it doesn’t mean that we are there yet. This phase is extremely important. This is the only way we can limit the infections. If there were more infections, we would see it in the hospital. Maybe there are more with the virus, but it is limited. The measures taken are working,” argued the doctor.

  “We will put everything ‘in place’ in the coming week so that we are ready when the measures are relaxed. If contamination does occur again, we are prepared. All advice to limit contamination remains valid.”

Source: The Daily Herald