No parking across from Fairway Mark-It

POINTE BLANCHE–To create space for traffic in both directions on the road to Pointe Blanche, some of the planters between parking spots across from the open trench in front of Fairway Mark-It supermarket have been temporarily removed as of Tuesday night.

This was carried out after consultations among the Police Force, Ministry of Infrastructure VROMI and Independent Consulting Engineers N.V. in connection with the ongoing project of the Pointe Blanche-Sundial Utility Trench.

The anti-parking pyramids on Buncamper Road up to Freedom Fighter roundabout will also be temporarily removed to create space for traffic in both direction.
All drivers are informed by authorities that parking in the areas indicated will not be allowed until further notice.

Drivers are urged to exercise caution in the vicinity of the trenching work and to allow the free flow of traffic.

The top layer of asphalt road surface will be laid on the trench from the area of the Port up to Bobby’s Marina, including the road crossing, on Thursday night.

Source: The Daily Herald