No position CIFA on currency yet | THE DAILY HERALD


WILLEMSTAD–The Curaçao International Financial Services Association CIFA, does not yet have a clear position on a new currency for Curaçao. During a parliamentary meeting the possible introduction of the Caribbean guilder for the monetary union shared with St. Maarten was discussed.

According to Finance Minister Kenneth Gijsbertha the island has a serious problem and a decision must be made as soon as possible. The Dutch printing company will stop printing the existing Netherlands Antillean guilder.

Both the banknotes and coins are not easy to manufacture by another company and the coins change quickly. Two options are possible: the current Antillean guilder is upgraded or a new Caribbean guilder is introduced.

Anouschka Cova of CIFA says the fact that her organisation has not yet made itself heard does not mean that CIFA is against a new currency. Whether or not her organisation is in favour, also remains unclear.

CIFA is not making any statements about possible consequences of introducing a new currency. For the time being, no decision has been made yet and that is why Cova is not commenting.

Source: The Daily Herald