No quorum stalls meeting on status of airport, port | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Parliament could not continue its sitting on Thursday morning with Tourism and Economic Affairs Minister Stuart Johnson about the status of the airport and port, and the establishment of the calibrations department, due to no quorum.

  Only seven Members of Parliament (MPs), one short of the eight needed to start the sitting, were present and signed in for the public sitting – Sarah Wescot-Williams (Parliament chairwoman), Sidharth “Cookie” Bijlani, Franklin Meyers and Dr. Luc Mercelina of United Democrats, and meeting initiators Ardwell Irion, Egbert Doran and Christophe Emmanuel (National Alliance (NA)).

  One curious element of Thursday’s gathering was the acknowledgement of a notice of absence from now suspended MP Theo Heyliger. Heyliger’s suspension due to his detention on criminal charges was confirmed by Wescot-Williams prior to the opening of the gathering of Parliament.

  Also absent with notice were MPs Silveria Jacobs and William Marlin (NA), Claude Peterson (St. Maarten Christian Party), and Tamara Leonard (United Democrats).

  The meeting will be reconvened at another time.

Source: The Daily Herald