No relaxing of Immigration regulations for AXA-goers | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–St. Maarten Immigration and Border Protection Services announced on Friday to all St. Maarten residents that, contrary to the relaxing Immigration procedures applied by the Anguilla Immigration Department during Anguilla’s Summer Festival July 23 to August13, this will not be the case for (re)entry into St. Maarten.

On return to or arrival in St. Maarten/St. Martin, all the regular necessary documents are required to (re)enter the Dutch side of the island and will be checked.

For residents with Dutch nationality: either a valid Dutch passport or a valid ID issued in St. Maarten will be required; for legal residents without Dutch nationality either a valid passport or a valid ID issued in St. Maarten and their residence permit.

The captain of the boat or plane must ensure that the names of all persons travelling to St. Maarten are properly manifested and accounted for. No one should be allowed to board if their name is not manifested. The captain will be held responsible in case undocumented/non-legal person(s) are transported to St. Maarten, according to the police on Friday.

Source: The Daily Herald