No rush to obtain vaccines in Statia | THE DAILY HERALD

The SXM Airways aircraft that brought the COVID-19 vaccine to St. Eustatius was given a water-cannon salute by the St. Eustatius Fire Department.

ST. EUSTATIUS–Statians are not rushing to register to receive the Moderna vaccine. On Friday, 1,600 doses of the vaccine arrived at F.D. Roosevelt Airport and were collected by health officials, who will carry out the first vaccination sessions at Earl N. Merkman Sports Complex today, Monday.


Nurse Mariske ter Horst with pre-vaccination forms, which are obtainable at the Public Health Department on Cottageweg.

However, only 480 people have registered for the jab out of an eligible population of 2,500. Nevertheless, health officials are certain that once the vaccination programme is underway, more people will come forward to acquire the Moderna vaccine protection.

  Dr. George Odongo recently assured the public in a town-hall meeting that it was impossible to catch the disease through the vaccine. “The absolute goal of the programme is to provide individual protection. Take it, don’t leave it,” Odongo told The Daily Herald.

  Health officials are confident that the Moderna vaccine is effective against new variants or versions of the COVID-19 virus that have mutated in Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. In the Netherlands people with ages under 65 cannot get this Moderna vaccin, nor the Pfizer vaccin. These are the best and many Statians who get the opportunity to save their lives with this Moderna vaccin still do not register for it. Why have we reserved these for them if they prefer not to take them.
    So Minister of Health, Hugo de Jonge, please send them back to the Netherlands. We are eager to receive these good vaccins.

  2. Again, the policy of the Saba government proved to be the better one.
    The government in Statia won’t learn! Too many Dutch influences there.

  3. The Statia Government is so stupid to think everybody has access to Facebook. This is misleading, for most elderly don’t use social media. And a lot of people do not want to use it also.

    That’s probably the reason that so few people got the information and propaganda about who intended to get his or her vaccin. The government website itself is always outdated and contains little actual news. The results speak for themselves: this is the way the government of Statia prepared her citizens, and Statia is the island with the least vaccinations!

    It’s very stupid to rely on a website of some other organization. Especially Facebook was today in the news because they banned a page about chess, just because the words black, white and fight were used. This week Facebook has killed webpages of the Australian government and could do this also with the Statia government pages – without warning.

    Is this the way government wants to tackle or prepare for any crisis? By becoming dependent?
    Your crisis manager should have warned you! Van Rij: shame on you!

  4. On every island you see the highest ranking leaders and famous people take their vaccination, but unfortunately not on Statia. What’s wrong with Statia?

  5. Why don’t the well-known people on Statia not give the good example. It is a bad sign that not even the political parties don’t make noise. And what about the religious leaders? The trade union? Even the government is far too quiet!
    This is not a game of staring down the crisis!