Nomination Day May 31, new Parliament to be in Aug. 19 | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Political parties that intend to contest the July 18 snap elections will have to submit their respective candidate lists on May 31, Nomination Day (Postulation Day).

pg1A special edition of the National Gazette dated May 22, in which the National Decree dated May 21 to dissolve Parliament and call for new elections was published, lists some important dates for the snap elections. In addition to Nomination Day being May 31, the document stated that the new Parliament is to be sworn in by August 19.

pg2Snap elections are being held after the Mercelina Cabinet invoked Article 59 of the constitution to dissolve the Parliament of St. Maarten and call snap elections.

pg3The decision was made in reaction to the governing coalition losing its support on Monday when Member of Parliament (MP) Kevin Maingrette pulled his support from the coalition and signed a new coalition agreement with the National Alliance (NA) and United People’s (UP) parties.

The snap election is expected to cost the country approximately NAf. 500,000.

Source: The Daily Herald