Notorious armed robber to stand trial on June 22

PHILIPSBURG–The hearing in the Prosecutor’s case against F.F.C. (37) on six counts of armed robbery and firearm possession will be taking place on June 22, the Court of First Instance decided Wednesday.


The oldest charge in the indictment is theft with violence committed in a store on Touch Me Not Road on March 16, 2011, during which gunshots were fired at several Police Officers and members of the Voluntary Corps of St. Maarten VKS.

Among the charges also is the armed robbery in a residence on Port of Spain Drive on May 19, 2015, during which the residents were forced to hand over jewellery and a phone.

F.F.C., who was shackled as he was escorted into the Courtroom by four members of the Police Arrest Team, is also suspected of involvement in a house robbery on Celsius Road on June 2, 2015. Some 450 euros, a mobile phone, a handbag with wallet, and jewellery were stolen under threat of a firearm. One of the residents was sprayed with pepper spray.

Armed robberies committed in a home on Anegada Drive on June 8, 2015, and a residence on Poinsetta Road on September 24, were also mentioned in the indictment.

In the Anegada Drive robbery two children were allegedly threatened with a firearm. In the raid on Poinsetta Road jewellery, some US $70, an identity card and a bullet-proof vest were reported stolen. Several persons, one or more Police Officers among them, were threatened and fired at in the suspect’s escape, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The suspect is also charged with threatening a person with his life between August 1, 2015, and December 9, 2015, in case he would not stop “troubling” his son.

Finally, the suspect was also charged with possession of an illegal firearm with ammunition between March 2011 and December 2015.

The already “impressive” list with alleged crimes may still get longer. Prosecutor Karola van Nie announced Wednesday that more DNA-matches were found linking “big fish” F.F.C. to other home burglaries. Therefore, the investigations in this case have not yet been finalized, which warranted a request to postpone the trial, the Prosecutor said. The defendant was arrested December 9, 2015, after a six-month search. The Judge granted a postponement and set the full-day hearing in the agenda for June 22.

Source: The Daily Herald Notorious armed robber to stand trial on June 22