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From left: NPOwer coordinator Jose Sommers, Think 2 Do Institute Head Bonnie Benesh and volunteer Steve Duzanson.


~Forum series titled “Co-Creating Social Impact”~

PHILIPSBURG–In an age where collaborative efforts drive societal advancement, NPOwer of Foresee (4C) Foundation, is teaming up with Think 2 Do Institute, an independent global think tank, to launch the 2024 Forum series titled “Co-Creating Social Impact”.

Scheduled at University of St. Martin for 1:30pm to 4:30pm Thursday, April 24, this forum aims to kick-start transformative initiatives and community empowerment.

The primary objective of the forum is to foster stronger partnerships between non-profit organisations (NPOs), the public sector, and private entities, with the aim of reinforcing social cohesion.

By scrutinising the dynamics between these sectors and initiating meaningful conversations, NPOwer and its collaborators aspire to propose actionable strategies that amplify the crucial work of NPOs in local communities.

Dr. Bonnie Benesh, a respected figure and head of Think 2 Do Institute, will facilitate and contribute to the discussions at the forum. Leveraging her extensive expertise, Dr. Benesh will steer conversations towards elevating the influence of the non-profit sector in St. Maarten’s development, positioning it as a vital partner for effecting positive change alongside the government.

The forum will delve into pivotal aspects of social cohesion, utilising tools like the Social Progress Index and Social Cohesion to evaluate St. Maarten’s capacity to meet essential human needs and enhance residents’ quality of life. Through interactive sessions and structured dialogues, participants will glean valuable insights into how collaboration and partnership can yield tangible benefits for communities.

Incoming ministers and parliamentarians are encouraged to engage in this forum to fortify collaborative efforts. At its core, this initiative acknowledges the potency of unity and the significance of structured discourse in driving progress.

Building upon the insights from Dr. Benesh’s keynote address at NPOwer’s 2023 conference, which underscored the pivotal role of social cohesion in community resilience, this year’s forum series builds upon a foundation of shared knowledge and collective action.

The 4C Board urges invitees and partners to prioritise participation in this forum, envisioning a cohesive and empowered society where individuals and organisations collaborate to effect meaningful change. Together, they hold the potential to shape a brighter future for St. Maarten and beyond.

NPOwer, known for its mantra “Where NPOs Connect”, is located at Illidge Road #60, Unit 1, alongside R4CR and Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben.

Interested NPOs can register via the link For further details or enquiries, contact the NPOwer team at

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Source: The Daily Herald