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St. Maarten Medical Center nurses over this past weekend.

PHILIPSBURG–In light of May 12, International Nurses Day, Mental Health Foundation decided to highlight several nurses working in the field. The date of May 12 was chosen in honour of the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Ever since 1974, this day is used to mark the contribution of nurses to people’s health.

Antonine Gourdet has worked as a nurse at the admissions department of Mental Health Foundation since 2011, and was chosen because she is an excellent team player. She takes initiative in planning team-building activities to enhance team spirit and she performs her work with dedication and passion. Besides being a team player, she is willing to go the extra mile to ensure clients receive the prescribed care.

She is flexible in carrying out her job functions and demonstrates compassion towards her clients. For example, she takes them shopping or she decorates the unit for holiday seasons to bring happiness and cheer to the clients.

Suzette de Cuba has worked at White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation since 2014 as a registered nurse, and as a diabetes nurse since 2005. Suzette makes huge contributions to District Nursing (DN) where she characterises herself by having a clear overview of the personal situation and needs of all the 250-plus clients.

Suzette excels in her field because she is punctual, keeps her knowledge up to date, and is always willing to go the extra mile – for example, by bringing a client to the doctor after her working hours because the client cannot go himself.

She is a solid leader in direct and indirect nursing and takes her job of being a diabetes nurse very seriously. Right now, she is setting up a prevention plan to soften the impact of type 2 diabetes on elderly people in district nursing in St. Maarten, using Intervention Mapping. Overall, she takes District Nursing care to a higher level.

Junetta Milton started working at St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) in June 2009 as a sterilisation assistant to get her foot into the medical field. Determined to pursue a career in the medical field she applied and then joined the Medical Surgical Department as a Nursing Assistant. With that position under her belt, in July 2015 she became a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Junetta is highly regarded by her colleagues, is very social and considered a team player. She is very patient-oriented. She is always punctual and can be called on to assist either her colleagues or the department when needed. Working with SMMC for 10 years she has shown her motivation towards achieving her goals in her career and compassion for the patients, colleagues and organization.

Marcel de Wit has worked as a social psychiatric nurse in the ambulant team of Mental Health Foundation for almost a year now. Within this short time frame, he has shown that he goes all-out for his clients. He thinks in a holistic way, and devotes much time to giving clients the care they deserve. This means that he not only provides psychiatric care, but goes a step further and helps with things such as their living situation, getting the right documentation and family matters.

He not only does his specific job well, he can also oversee the system and indicate where things could improve, and will take initiative accordingly. The devotion and compassion he brings increase the overall quality of care in St. Maarten.

Frank Bannis is an always-cheerful smiling nurse, working at SMMC since 2006. He began as a nursing assistant and worked his way up to Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in January 2014. He is well known for going the extra mile. Not only does he take care of his patients, but the nurses as well and he makes sure that all new nurses feel welcome in the ICU.

He ensures that his patients are properly groomed and neat even when they refuse treatment, he knows and finds a way to convince them otherwise. Frank is very reliable, dependable and instrumental in coaching students. He recently started helping young people in the community with job placements either at SMMC or elsewhere. His motto is “All young persons should be employed if they can only get the chance.”

In spite of all his commendations Nurse Frank is best known by all for his friendly demeanour. He greets everyone and anyone, and somehow makes their day a better one.

Nancy Flanders started working at the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation on October 1, 1995, and worked her way up to Unit Leader/Supervisor in 2008. She also works closely with the students as Student Coach. Nancy is a real advocate for her clients. Nurses can always count on her when they need an extra pair of hands with bedside nursing. At times, she leaves her own work undone to assist staff. Nancy is very flexible; at times, she will even change her off days to accommodate staff.

She speaks English, Papiamentu and Spanish, all mixed up in one, but she gets her point across and she can be firm when needed. This may sound like a made-up story, but it is all true. She is a real gem and that is why she was nominated.

“The trait that these people all share is the fact that they go the extra mile for their clients – to see what your client needs and make sure he or she gets it, even if it is not in your job description. It is persons like these that truly make a change in health care in St. Maarten and deserve some extra gratitude today,” stated Mental Health Foundation over the weekend.

Source: The Daily Herald