Officer fired for drawing service weapon at party | THE DAILY HERALD

 SABA–The off-duty police officer who drew his service weapon and reportedly pointed it at another man during a party in Saba on January 1 has been fired for severe dereliction of duty, the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN announced on Tuesday.

“There is no place in our organisation for unprofessional and irresponsible behaviour,” said KPCN Chief Alwyn Braaf. “People can make mistakes. However, dereliction of duty is a severe violation of professional standards for a police officer and thus has significant consequences.”

Eye-witnesses reported that the officer and a civilian party-goer had exchanged words during that party in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day. Both men were said to have been drinking.

The argument was followed by a brief scuffle, after which the officer pulled out a gun and pointed it at the man and several others, according to witnesses. The officer then walked around the venue with the pistol in his hand, an act captured on a video and shared widely on social media.

KPCN suspended the officer shortly afterwards and launched an internal investigation.

“The investigation concluded that the officer was guilty of severe dereliction of duty and that his behaviour reflects an attitude incompatible with the Police Force,” KPCN said in a statement. “Such behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated within the organisation. The improper use of a service weapon poses a serious threat to safety and erodes trust in the Force.”

It emerged in KPCN’s statement that the now-former officer had been fired in early May, but had been given six weeks to appeal.

“After the appeal period expired, the dismissal is now final,” KPCN said.

The former officer was also the subject of a criminal investigation led by the Kingdom Detectives, a special investigative body that looks into cases of government corruption and police abuse.

Although its investigation has ended, KPCN confirmed on Tuesday that the Kingdom Detectives’ probe is ongoing. This means the former officer could still face criminal charges for the gun-pulling incident on New Year’s Day.

Source: The Daily Herald