Officer tells tourist ‘don’t mess with me’

~ When asked for ID in Maho raid ~

MAHO–A plainclothes officer told a 74-year-old man who was vacationing in

St. Maarten with his wife, “do not mess with me,” when the tourist asked the officer to show his identification after the officer asked the visitor to produce his passport during a raid at Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino last week Thursday.

  The elderly man, who was staying at the resort, wrote a complaint letter to Maho management, a copy of which was forwarded to The Daily Herald. The visitor said a man in plain clothes had approached him “aggressively” while he was relaxing at the Maho pool and had requested that he show his passport.

  The tourist said he had asked the man for some identification and asked him why he wanted to see his travel document. “He asked me if I can read Dutch, and I said no, but I can tell identification,” the tourist said.

  The man in plain clothes told the tourist that he would not be producing any identification. “He said I must carry my passport with me and I said it would be in my safe 50 feet away. He told me to go and get it and I said it seems silly,” the tourist said. “He then told me in a threatening manner, “do not mess with me.”

  The visitor said two women had accompanied him to his room and after he retrieved his passport from the hotel’s safe, he was told that everything was okay. The man said his wife had been “upset for hours” over the entire incident.

  “Obviously, it was some sort of harassment, which discourages me from ever wanting to return to St. Maarten,” the man said. He provided his full name and that of his wife in his complaint letter. 

Source: The Daily Herald Officer tells tourist ‘don’t mess with me’