Officers trained in new system

From left, seated: Dispatcher Deganira Marionela and Detective Josephia Thielman. From left, standing: Inspector Steven Senior and Inspector Robelto Hodge.

ST. EUSTATIUS–A team from Bonaire has been in St. Eustatius to introduce local officers to a new part of the ACTPOL information registration system, which is utilised by law enforcement in Bonaire, Statia and Saba. The team consisted of Police Call Centre Dispatcher Marionela Deganira, ACTPOL system instructor Detective Josephia Thielman, who is also an instructor for the Investigation Department and Inspector Steven Senior.

The new element of the system, which is about investigations, will give officers the ability to coordinate with each other, so the islands of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba are on the same level, thereby making work easier for all.

Deganira said that Bonaire would be able to help Statia and Saba, for example, as those on Bonaire would be able to see the cases via the system.

Inspector Senior said the intention was to enable uniform registration of detective cases across the BES islands (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba). He told the officers Bonaire already used this part of the system and the team had recently visited Saba to teach their colleague officers how to use it.

The team hopes that when they leave the island, their colleagues on Statia will be knowledgeable enough in the system so they can register cases digitally in a professional and efficient manner. Inspector Robelto Hodge said they had received instructions on how to use the system in detective cases. Senior said there is a lot of expertise on Bonaire, where they can assist their colleagues with an investigation. That is one of the benefits of the new system, he added.

The system provides a direct online connection, whereby investigation cases can be monitored. There is no longer any need to pick up the phone to communicate about what is happening in a particular case – it can all be seen online. Seniors said colleagues on Saba and Statia would also be able to send them documents through the system and vice versa. It’s online teamwork, he concluded.

Source: The Daily Herald