Officials on Tourism Day: Anguilla to continue phased re-opening | THE DAILY HERALD

Haydn Hughes, Minister of Tourism. ANGUILLA–Minister of Tourism Haydn Hughes said on World Tourism Day, September 27, “We’re observing a unique World Tourism Day – one that takes place in the ever-evolving world of COVID-19 … The good news is that while we had to take extreme measures and close our borders to protect our people, we will continue our phased reopening with comprehensive measures in place to protect both residents and visitors. We are aware that the tourism industry cannot grow at full strength unless concentrated efforts are made by all parties and related sectors.”Kenroy Herbert Chairman of the Anguilla Tourist Board.<img src=”/images/2020/09/29/page16b101-c.jpg” alt=”” />  Kenroy Herbert, Chairman of the Anguilla Tourist Board celebrates World Tourism Day with these inspiring words. “Showcasing our natural beauty and heritage, and being able to boast some of the world’s best beaches and cultural attractions plays a key part in distinguishing us. It is one of the reasons why we have been voted as Number One Island in the Caribbean by Travel + Leisure’s readers for the past four consecutive years. Our natural beauty remains one of our greatest assets in continuing to grow our tourism industry, and is what we are dedicated to protecting today and for many years to come.”  Anguilla is open for approved visitors from certain countries. All travellers to Anguilla, including returning residents, are required to obtain pre-travel authorisation. They must be tested for COVID-19 using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test within three to five days prior to their travel date and self-isolate for at least 10 days. Other regulations are outlined at the The ports remain closed until October 31, when regulations may be changed. In the meantime, hotel staff, restaurant staff and taxi drivers are receiving training in order to adapt to the necessary changes.

Source: The Daily Herald