OM now active on You Tube with informative videos

Link to Youtube videos.

The Public Prosecutor Services is as of today active on You Tube. This especially to reach youngsters ranging in age from 12 to 21 years and those of all ages interested. The You Tube-channel is called OM Carib en has already 20 video’s. They give answers on the 10 most frequently asked questions regarding the Public Prosecutor’s Services.

Visitors from Sint Maarten, Curaçao and the BES-islands get answers in English and Papiamento on questions like; what does the Public Prosecutor Services do; what is the work of the Public Prosecutor; what are custodial coercive measures; what is the difference between the oath and affirmation; what is a dismissal; what are the duties of the Attorney General and why does the Public Prosecutor wear a robe. The answers are also available in Dutch on the website
De videos are presented by Attorney-general Leomar Angela, Prosecutor Monique Dennaoui, Prosecutor Guillano Schoop, spokesperson Norman Serphos and assistant to the Prosecutor Altagracia Martis.
The Public Prosecutor’s Services is already very active on social media with its website, Facebook for Sint Maarten, Curacao and BES-islands, LinkedIn and now on You Tube to better serve the public.

Norman E. Serphos – woordvoerder, pers- en publieksvoorlichter
Wilhelminaplein 14-16, Willemstad, Curaçao – Telefoon: +5999-4342180 – E-mail: norman [DOT] serphos [AT] OMCarib [DOT] org

Source: The Daily Herald OM now active on You Tube with informative videos