Ombudsman holds integrity workshop for Police Force

PHILIPSBURG–The office of the Ombudsman hosted a series of workshops focused on Integrity during the month of November that were attended by all members of the Police Force, including the management team, division heads and uniformed officers.

The aim of the workshops was to ensure that integrity procedures are followed by all police personnel, especially where it relates to handling of complaints.

A major point covered during the workshops was that public awareness needs to be raised regarding the procedure of filing a complaint, as most residents do not know that it exists and it safeguards them from any inappropriate or unacceptable action by law enforcement officers.

The Police Force management is persistent in its efforts to hold police officers accountable for their actions and strives to educate them on all procedures. Given the limited resources available, the management applauds their commitment to serve the community.

In a continued effort to remain transparent, the police management reminds the community that the complaint procedure for persons who wish to file a complaint against a member of the Police Force has been in place since June 2015. Reasons for filing a complaint may vary, but may include being dissatisfied with the service received from an officer or that the complainant believes a matter was not handled correctly.

The complaint form, which is available at the information counter at the police station on entry at the headquarters in Philipsburg, is available in Dutch, English, French and Spanish, and must be completed in its entirety. Persons can also send an e-mail to

[email protected]/* */ and request the form in the language of their choice.

Once the form is completed, label it and drop it in the mailbox at the police station. The form also can be scanned and e-mailed to the Chief Commissioner’s secretary. If a complaint form is not available or they do not have the opportunity to visit the police station, individuals may write a letter.

The Chief Commissioner and his secretary receive all complaints and ensure that they are forwarded to the correct department or organisation, such as the Prosecutor’s Office. A confirmation of receipt will be sent to the complainant within 48 hours and an update on the process of the case will be provided within 10 business days.

An investigation is usually launched immediately and the sender will be informed of the outcome within 4-6 weeks. If questions remain, the complainant can contact the Chief Commissioner’s secretary at 542-2222 (ext. 201) or e-mail

[email protected]/* */ .

Source: The Daily Herald