Omer Arrondell School repairs to be finished end of August | THE DAILY HERALD

Omer Arrondell School.


MARIGOT–The Collectivité has spent some 20,000 euros on repairs to the Omer Arrondell School on the Coralita Road in French Quarter, with work due to be completed at the end of August. Some 263 pupils are currently registered to begin the 2018/2019 school year.

The school was relatively spared from the full force of hurricane winds. However, the entrance porch and security barriers were torn off during the hurricane. The roof was slightly damaged and the openings needed to be checked.

The Collectivité planned the major repairs to the entrance to the facility during the summer and to some damaged aluminium doors and windows.

Omer Arrondell Elementary School in French Quarter will welcome pupils residing in Orient Bay, Quartier d’ Orléans (Spring subdivision: Rue Brittain, Rue des Sparrows, Rue des Ground Dove, Rue des Trush, Round the Pond, Rue du Gloire, Chambar Hill, Rue Cross the Range, Rue Martha Illidge, Rue des pommes surettes, Impasse des Barry, Rue Mullet Fish, Rue de Coralita, Rue des deux frères, Rue de Lamigeot, Rue Mont Saline) and Oyster Pond.

As of the start of the 2018 school year and in view of the new configuration of primary schools, a new sectorisation was recently adopted by the Executive Council. This decision stems from the need to ensure safety, to guarantee the working conditions of members of the school community, while at the same time ensuring that the capacity of the school premises is adequate and that the adaptation of the school sectors does not weaken the schools concerned or disrupt family arrangements.

Source: The Daily Herald