‘On Air Cares’ restores Little League bleachers | THE DAILY HERALD

Repair of the bleachers in progress.

PHILIPSBURG–Some members of Philipsburg Broadcasting’s “On Air Cares” initiative got together and restored one of the bleachers at the Little League Stadium on Pond Island recently.

In preparation for their annual Jouvert Street Party, the crew needed an area for spectators to be seated, and requested one of the bleachers from the stadium. However, it was not in the best condition.

One of the team members, the owner of Viva Signs, came up with the idea to restore the bleachers and then have them returned to the stadium free of charge.

Materials were donated by Ace Mega Center in Cole Bay. For two days, the crew replaced wooden seating, bolts and screws, and gave the bleachers a new coat of paint.

After being used for Jouvert, the bleachers were returned to the stadium for the players and visitors to use.

On Air Cares thanked everyone involved who made the project a reality.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/87353-on-air-cares-restores-little-league-bleachers