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Global Terminal Investment Statia Manager Terrence “Terry” Keogh receiving his second shot of the Moderna vaccine.

ST. EUSTATIUS–Only vaccinated Statians will be able to return to the island from abroad without the need to go into quarantine, but will have to adhere to some conditions during a five-day monitoring period, according to a new entry policy for St. Eustatius that went into effect on Monday, April 12.


From left: SXM Airways Captain Oldain Jones, airport ground handler Rapheal Hassel, Dutch Representative from St. Maarten Robert Jan de Wilde, Deputy Government Commissioner Alida Francis, Public Health representative Dr. Sharda Baboe, Public Health Department Unit Manager Gerwin Schobbe and Government Commissioner Marnix van Rij near the first batch of the Moderna vaccines, which arrived in St. Eustatius on February 19.

For a period of five days following their arrival, the returning residents will be required to wear a face mask in public places, including public buildings and private establishments, and when in contact with others.

  They will also be required to adhere to social distancing protocols of six feet. The only exception to the latter is if the person comes into contact with person(s) with whom they travelled to the island.

  Proper hygiene also has to be adhered to. Washing or disinfecting of hands must be done after each visit outside the home and before coming into contact with another person.

  Visiting public events is not allowed during the first five days after arrival. These individuals are only allowed to visit the outdoor seating areas of bars and restaurants during the five-day monitoring period. If any of these persons begin to experience symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or other signs of respiratory illness, they are required to contact the Public Health Department GGD at tel. 318-2891.

  Returning residents are allowed to work while maintaining protocols. St. Eustatius government Crisis Manager Peter Glerum said contact professionals such as nurses, hairdressers and others who have direct contact with others are not allowed to work during the five-day monitoring period because social distancing is not possible in these professions.

  After the monitoring period, the individual will be tested at the GGD. If the test is negative, this person is then able to move freely in the community.

  In elaborating on the second dose of the Moderna vaccine rollout, Glerum said nearly 700 persons are fully vaccinated (received both doses of the vaccine).  The vaccination programme for the second dose went smoothly, he explained. There were some persons who experienced minor side effects, such as headaches and tiredness, but the side effects were gone within a period of two days.

  The first batch of the Moderna vaccine the island received from the Netherlands in February 2021 is almost finished, Glerum said. A part of the second batch will be delivered to Statia from Saba at the beginning of next week. The second batch of vaccines was temporarily stored in Saba due to issues with the freezer in Statia.

  Glerum said the vaccines must be used within 30 days from the moment they arrive in Statia, because as soon as the vaccines leave the freezer they are only viable for 30 days. This means that registration for the vaccines is very important. 

  “We cannot vaccinate you if you are not registered, because we need to have the right amount of vaccines arrive from Saba and we cannot have too many; otherwise we would end up wasting the vaccines,” Glerum said. Persons who would like to get vaccinated are urged to register and government will ensure they get vaccinated.

  Registration forms can be picked up at GGD on Cottageweg, Queen Beatrix Medical Center, and Golden Rock Pharmacy, and can be downloaded at  The form can be sent via email to

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or by calling the GGD at tel. (599) 318-5146. 

  If enough persons register to take the vaccine, the GGD can ensure that all these persons get vaccinated.  Vaccinations take place at the hospitainer each Wednesday.

  The island's goal is to have 2,000 persons fully vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. This will enable the island to remove most of the measures that are currently in place for people from abroad to enter the island.

  Currently persons who travel from abroad are required to the quarantine for 12 days until a negative test is received from testing performed on the island.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. Tourists from the Netherlands and other European countries who have gotten their vaccination shots aren’t allowed to enter Statia without this quarantaine period. As his last will, Van Rij wants to kill tourism entirely.
    And vaccinated tourists from the Netherlands and other European countries can go to Anguilla without problems, without quarantaine.
    Someone is not thinking right….
    But, remember, this government is not the will of the people of Statia. It is the colonial government in Den Haag that wants the people of Statia to stay poor and without the right to take their own decisions.

  2. The stupid fact that the Netherlands have paid for and delivered 100% of these vaccins, and many Dutch citizens already have their second shot, apparently isn’t a base for this decision. The stupid Van Rij says that only a vaccination in Statia counts. Apparently they do not believe a vaccination in the Netherlands is also good. So people from European Netherlands with vaccination shots are discriminated: they still have to go in quarantaine.
    Strange, strange!