Orange Bay Road renovation started

From left: Commissioners Charles Woodley and Derick Simmons with an employee of Public Works inspecting the road works on Orange Bay Road.

Repairs started in the vicinity of The Old Gin House hotel and restaurant.


ST. EUSTATIUS–The renovation of Orange Bay Road in Lower Town kicked off on Thursday morning. The renovations, coordinated by Winston Tearr, started near the roundabout in front of The Old Gin House.

  Commissioner Charles Woodley said the renovations are fully funded by revenues collected by the Island Government. He said the repairs to Orange Bay Road cost almost US $50,000 and the soon-to-be-started renovation of Jeems Road will cost $100,000.

  The road repairs caused a traffic jam, as many persons went to the Bay storage to pick up frozen items brought by a cargo vessel. The storage will be closed today, Friday, and on Monday, and will reopen again on Tuesday.

  Traffic to and from the harbour was heavy on Thursday, with longest waiting time being at least 15 minutes.

 Commissioner Woodley and his executive assistant Berlushyne van Putten were seen assisting the traffic flow by giving directions. Senior Police Officer Robelto Hodge was also on the road to guide traffic.

  Government will provide a shuttle bus today from 6:00am to 11:00pm from Golden Era to transport the public to their destination in the direction of the harbour and back. Transport of frozen cargo will not be possible today.

  Orange Bay Road will be accessible for small vehicles and trucks with a maximum capacity of three tons, including cargo, on Tuesday, January 30.

  The Island Government is requesting the cooperation and support of the general public for the needed improvements of Orange Bay Road.

  The street repairs were a hot topic on social media. Many persons expressed their joy at seeing the road project underway.

  Persons who travel daily to the Bay for work are especially happy with the renovation. “My car shocks and my neck are ecstatic,” one said.

Source: The Daily Herald