Orange Grove organises big St. Maarten concert

ROTTERDAM–The members of the St. Maarten band Orange Grove are organising a benefit concert in Rotterdam this Thursday for the children and youngsters of St. Maarten who have become victims of Hurricane Irma.

  The programme at the pop podium Annabel shows an impressive line-up with national and international artistes who will perform free of charge: Brainpower, Maikal X, Ziggi Recado, Trafassi, Jeremaine S., Jeff Solo, Elijah Waters, Sherma Rouse, Patrick Grayham, Kuenta i Tumba, TLM, Kris Berry and, of course, Orange Grove.

  The well-known Scapino Ballet of Rotterdam will give a dazzling dance performance and there will be food trucks and live art. The entire proceeds, including the sale of tickets and the service charges, donations and funds from the bar and food trucks will go to K1 Brittania Foundation in St. Maarten.

  K1 Britannia Foundation will use 100 per cent of the proceeds for children and youngsters on the island to soften the impact Hurricane Irma has had on their young lives. Part of the proceeds will also be used to rebuild an orphanage which has lost its entire roof. 

  The benefit concert was initiated by Jacob Streefkerk, Michael Maidwell and Michelle Witvoet of Orange Grove in close collaboration with Annabel. Maidwell and Streefkerk are the founders and band members of Orange Grove, which was born in St. Maarten. Half of the Orange Grove band members grew up in St. Maarten. The reggae band is well-known in the Caribbean.

  Maidwell and Streefkerk were in the Netherlands at the time of the hurricane. “We wanted to do more than just watching helplessly, because that is how it feels when you are here and your family and friends are there,” said Streefkerk in an interview with NTR Caribbean Network.

 Tickets for the show on October 12 are 18.50 euros and are for sale via .

Source: The Daily Herald