Orange offers local radio loop installation for Internet access | THE DAILY HERALD

Director-General of Orange Antilles Guyane Thierry Kergall talks at a presentation of the temporary Internet solution as President Gibbs and Préfète Anne Laubies look on. (photo Robert Luckock)

An Orange technician explains how the system works. (Photo Robert Luckock)


MARIGOT–Telecommunications provider Orange on Thursday presented a temporary solution for operators to offer their clients Internet access for the next two years while work continues in laying fibre optic cable underground.

The presentation, a collaboration between the Collectivité and the services of the State since the passing of Hurricane Irma in September 2017, was made in French Quarter by Director General of Orange Antilles-Guyane Thierry Kergall, in the presence of President Daniel Gibbs and Préfète Déléguée Anne Laubies.

The local radio loop is a simple solution that can cover 95 per cent of the territory and is a substitute for the transitory solution based on the 4G network deployed in February by Orange Caraibes. It consists of an external mast and box for reception which functions like a radio antenna, and a Wi-Fi router for inside the house or office.

The system offers unlimited Internet access at around 10 megabytes a second. Coverage of the territory is assured by deployment of five radio sites. Orange obtained authorisation to use the specific radio frequency until June 30, 2020. An Orange technician gave a demonstration of the system.

Operators will be able to offer this solution to the public by the end of July. St. Martin is expected to become the first overseas French territory to transition completely to fibre optic by the end of 2019.

Source: The Daily Herald