Ortega promises to ‘champion’ issues ‘like a king’ for everyone

PHILIPSBURG–St. Maarten Development Movement (SDM) leader Benjamin Ortega said, while he may be the youngest political party leader in the country, he plans to “champion” the issues affecting the population “like a king for everyone.”

During the party’s first public “cultural” meeting on Friday night, he said the people of St. Maarten are hurting. Too many persons are crying out about issues, such as the high cost of utilities and the high fuel clause, he said, noting “We don’t need the fuel clause.”

Ortega said some persons tell him he has too much anger in him, but he noted that this is just “the passion” in him. “We have too many rivers to cross and too many burdens to bear.”

He said the party’s slogan “Status quo got to go” is not an attack on anyone, but rather a statement to indicate that the way people have been treated over the years has to stop. He called on St. Maarten students who are abroad studying to return home to contribute.

He said the people of St. Maarten are not on the block, they have homes; they do not need to get on a bus; as they have homes. “The only thing we are getting on is a fast-moving train.”

He said also that while some persons were talking about moving up, SDM is talking about moving forward; while some are talking about national alliances, SDM is talking about national heritage, and while others are saying. “they are doing it for us,” we are saying they should be doing it for Ayo (local slang meaning all of you – Ed.).”

He called on the electorate to put their confidence in SDM, but more importantly to go out and vote.

The party’s five other candidates also addressed attendees at the meeting, which was held at the government parking lot on Pond Island. The event was emceed by Suppa Duppa Kid, and featured entertainment by Mix Master Pauly and friends. Young Dow also entertained.

Source: Daily Herald
Ortega promises to ‘champion’ issues ‘like a king’ for everyone