Orville Daye wins $20,830 in Pick 4 | THE DAILY HERALD

Orville Daye holds up his winning cheque.


 PHILIPSBURG–Orville Daye has won US $20,830 playing Caribbean Lottery’s Pick 4 game. Daye is no stranger to Caribbean Lottery games. From Pick 4 and Lucky Pick to Caribbean Lotto and Instant Scratch, he has played them all. His all-time favourite, however, is Pick 4.

  “I love to play Pick 4 of the Caribbean Lottery. I won on the number 1325, which I saw when I was watching the movie Fast and Furious,” he was quoted as saying in a press release on Wednesday.

  Daye said this was not his first win, “I have won several times in the past; however, this is the first time that I have won this big amount.”

  This lucky player could not be happier for his win and is especially grateful for the timing. “I was hoping for a windfall, as I started something that I won’t mention and needed urgent funds to complete,” said an excited Daye. “The Caribbean Lottery has afforded me that opportunity to see my project to completion. It pays to play.”

  Site Operations Manager at Caribbean Lottery Paula Williams wished Daye success with his winnings. “I just want to say huge congratulations to Mr. Daye. I am so happy he managed to reap his rewards at a time when he needed it most. As Mr. Daye said, it pays to play,” she added.

  Daye encourages other players to keep playing, “For those who are hoping to win, continue to play, one day your luck will come. Never give up,” he said.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/84871-orville-daye-wins-20-830-in-pick-4