OSPP will ‘secure country’s future’

PHILIPSBURG–One St. Maarten People Party (OSPP) is “the party that will secure your future and work hard, smart and with integrity to improve the lives of the people,” party leader, former Island Councilman Leonard “Lenny” Priest said over the weekend.

Priest and his purple party are one of nine contesting today’s Parliamentary Elections, the second such vote in two years due to snap elections.
“St. Maarten heads to the polls today, Monday, and I urge everyone who is legally capable of voting to go out and cast a ballot for the OSPP … OSPP sincerely hopes you have realized that we are the party who is committed to change,” to improvements in the standard of living for all, and to tackling the socio- economic factors that are the cause of crime on our island.
   The party is also committed to creating more opportunities for the people of the country to own their businesses through a workable loan guarantee fund, and make more government land available for the construction of homes for those who need them most.
“St. Maarten is not just the sea, land and trees. We are all our brother’s keeper and we are all St. Maarten’s champions. You are St. Maarten, I am St. Maarten, we are St. Maarten,” said Priest.
“Now, St. Maarten needs us all to stand up for her and put an end to the stealing of her assets, the destruction of the lives of her people through greed and wickedness by others, the class justice that has become the norm causing those with power and money to escape justice daily, while our young men especially, are sent to prison for less severe offences,” the OSPP leader said.
“St. Maarten, it’s now or never! You are St. Maarten and now is the time for you to fight for St. Maarten. Today, we say, no more! Enough is enough! Vote for improvements for all and not just a select few! Vote OSPP number one. Always fighting for you,” said Priest.

Source: Daily Herald
OSPP will ‘secure country’s future’