Otis ‘Man Face’ Schmidt first runner-up in Tortola

Otis “The Man Face” Schmidt (centre) showing the trophy for first runner-up in Tortola’s Soca Monarch Competition with Commissioner of Culture Derrick Simmons (right), Commissioner Charles Woodley’s Executive Assistant Berlushyne van Putten (second left), reigning Carnival Queen Ebony Rivers (fourth right), Junior Carnival Queen Cathryn Sanchez (fifth right), and King of Kings Gervio Spanner (behind Rivers and Sanchez).


ST. EUSTATIUS–Otis “The Man Face” Schmidt finished first runner-up in the Soca Monarch Competition in Tortola, British Virgin Islands on Thursday.


  Schmidt travelled to Tortola together with six members of the Rage Team dancers aboard a Caribe Air Charter with Captain Kirtis France.

  Schmidt is the reigning St. Eustatius Road March champion. He also won the title for four consecutive years between 2011 and 2014. He took a break in 2015, and came back to win once again in 2016.

  His family and fans were very happy when the news hit the island that he had finished second in Tortola behind a local calypsonian.

 Rage Team dancers performing on the airport tarmac with Otis “The Man Face” Schmidt holding his trophy (third left).

For four hours a large crowd anxiously awaited Schmidt’s and his Rage Team’s arrival at F.D. Roosevelt Airport on Saturday afternoon. When the aircraft finally touched down and the door was opened loud cheers of the gathered crowd that lined the Airport fence echoed over the airport premises. In response, the Rage Team started to demonstrate their dance moves to the crowd to the sound of Schmidt’s prize-winning song.

  Commissioner of Culture Derrick Simmons was among the welcoming committee, which also comprised Commissioner of Finance Charles Woodley’s Executive Assistant Berlushyne van Putten, reigning Carnival Queen Ebony Rivers, Junior Carnival Queen Cathryn Sanchez, and King of Kings Gervio Spanner. Schmidt received a gift basket on behalf of the Island Government of St. Eustatius.

  Balloons were waving in the wind as they were held up high by Schmidt’s young fans and grown-ups alike, while they were also hanging on poles.

  Outside the airport building the street was blocked off from the crowd. When Schmidt and his dancers came out of the arrival hall loud and happy cheers were once again heard from the patiently waiting crowd.

  Schmidt was very overwhelmed with the crowd as he went from person to person receiving hugs. He thanked everyone for showing their love to him and his team.

  One of his fans, former Nurse Rita Dambruck, who celebrated her birthday on Saturday, left her party at the beach and came out to meet Schmidt, who she described as “My King.”

  After the welcome ceremony, Schmidt was taken on a motorcade with many cars honking through the streets of Statia.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/68289-otis-man-face-schmidt-first-runner-up-in-tortola