Outbreak of dog disease in Statia


Veterinarian Dr. Sharon N. Veira.

ST. EUSTATIUS–Executive Veterinary Officer Dr. Sharon N. Veira reported an ongoing disease outbreak that affects dogs on St. Eustatius.

  The symptoms are lethargy, anorexia, vomiting, at times fever and “diarrhoea with or without blood,” said Dr. Veira.


  “The disease is very contagious among dogs, but to date there is no proof that this disease will and can spread to other domestic animals. There is no report or confirmed case of human diarrhoea associated with the affected animals,” therefore, it cannot be stated if it concerns a zoonotic disease transmitted from animals to humans, Dr. Veira said in outlining the plan of approach to combat the outbreak.

  The Department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries LVV and the St. Eustatius Animal Welfare Foundation (SEAWF) have only dealt with a few cases, but from unconfirmed sources it appears that several dogs with similar symptoms have died over the past holidays.

  LVV and SEAWF have already ordered and received some rapid-test kits and have completed some diagnostic tests for some possible infectious viruses.

  The results from the tests have returned a negative result for the first set of infectious diseases. Veira said that the next step was to send another batch of samples abroad for further viral and bacterial analysis. These samples were sent out on Thursday.

  Meanwhile, dogs displaying symptoms are being treated with antibiotics, probiotics and infusion against dehydration.

  Animal owners are being asked to keep their dogs in isolation and under observation. Sick dogs should be kept separate from healthy ones to avoid spreading the disease.

  The house, garage, holding areas and or yard should be disinfected if a sick animal has stayed there. The disinfection can be done with one cup of Clorox diluted with a gallon of water and sprayed over the area.

  Persons wishing for more information or if their dogs show any of the mentioned symptoms are asked to contact the SEAWF animal shelter or Dr. Veira, at tel. 318-1102 and 319-1314.

  Veira said that they are working to bring more clarity on the current outbreak and will keep the public informed as soon as they have more information available.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/72461-outbreak-of-dog-disease-in-statia