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Participants in STENAPA’S Kids Summer Club of 2017. (STENAPA photo)

ST. EUSTATIUS–Signing up for Summer Club of St. Eustatius National Parks STENAPA has started. Summer Club is held to provide children a week of free outdoor activities, said Achsah Mitchell.

This year’s Summer Club will run from Monday, July 16, through Friday, July 20, from 7:30am to 11:30am. Children will have the opportunity to participate in various activities in the National Parks with STENAPA rangers and staff.

The week will begin with children helping National Park Ranger Rupnor “Jobo” Redan and iguana volunteer Adam Mitchell monitor Statia’s recently-declared critically endangered Lesser Antillean iguana.

On Tuesday, the Summer Clubbers will hike Gilboa trail, accompanied by STENAPA staff and volunteers. The next day STENAPA will take the group snorkelling at the beach by Scubaqua dive centre, along with a boat tour of Oranje Bay.

On Thursday, Botanical Garden Ranger Nadio Spanner will lead the group in fun maintenance activities in Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical Garden, once again taking turns learning about the island’s other colourful, native lizards with Wendy Jesse and Rotem Kadan from VU University in Amsterdam.

The week will end with the group participating in a clean-up at Zeelandia beach, and a lunchtime barbecue that will end at 1:00pm at the STENAPA yard.

“Summer Club is a great way to get the kids active in the national parks, but also to encourage responsible behaviours in nature,” said STENAPA Director Clarisse Buma.

When registering, STENAPA asks parents/guardians to give the name of the child, age, parent/guardian contact number, and the swimming ability of the child. All children are required to be dropped off and picked up at the office before and after the activities.

Children ages between 8 and 14 are eligible to register via tel. 318-2884, or email at outreach@statiapark.org. There are only a few places left.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/78487-outdoor-activities-at-kids-summer-club