Outdoor World targets new scooter at rental market | THE DAILY HERALD

The Yamaha team at the Outdoor World presentation (from left): Kytho Marcus, Samir Maroun, Robert Shoul, Samirha Sebastian, Nicole Mistoco, Shane Kelly and Otto de Vries.

 COLE BAY–Outdoor World gave a presentation of its new Yamaha Mio Fino scooter to rental companies at its Cole Bay location recently.

Outdoor World believes the scooter with its European retro styling will be attractive to tourists. It is currently not for sale to the general public. Two of the scooters, which come in three different colours, were on hand for the rental company representatives to look over and test drive.

“This is an exclusive product that we are offering to our rental clients,” explained Business Development Manager Otto P. de Vries. “We were looking for something very specific that would not attract the youth of St. Maarten or youth in general.

“We don’t want tourists getting assaulted and the scooter stolen whether for parts or for joyriding. What we found is a scooter that is unique, different, and very classy in a retro style that will appeal to the rental market, but not the general youth market.”

The 125cc fuel injection 4-stroke scooter features Yamaha’s advanced Blue Core technology. It has electric ignition and kickstart, automatic transmission, tubeless tyres, advanced multi-function remote key system, under-seat storage and is lightweight (95kg), easy to ride, and low maintenance. Its small size makes it convenient for fleet storage.

As an option, Outdoor World offers GPS tracking and theft prevention in conjunction with UTS.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/81492-outdoor-world-targets-new-scooter-at-rental-market