Outpouring of condolences after terrorist attacks in Paris

Flags at half-mast on the Dutch side in solidary with the French side of the island and the French Republic as a whole. All Dutch and St. Maarten Flags will remain at half-mast until Tuesday.

 ~ Flags to remain at half-mast until Tuesday ~

 PHILIPSBURG–There has been an outpouring of condolences messages and words of comfort to the French Government and people from officials in St. Maarten following the gruesome terrorist attacks on Paris on Friday. The attacks were the worse in the city’s history since World War II. France is observing three days of mourning which started on Sunday and will continue until Tuesday.

20151115 151835  All Dutch and St. Maarten Flags are to remain at half-mast until Tuesday, Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs said on Sunday. The lowering of the flags since Saturday, is in solidarity with the French Republic’s three days of mourning for the 129 people butchered by Islamic State ISIS operatives in coordinated attacked on the metropolitan.

  Parliament Chairwoman Sarah Wescot-Williams, in expressing condolences and comfort to the Government and people of France, said, Friday’s attacks “has left us deeply shocked and saddened after this tragic loss and suffering. Despite the acts carried out, the Liberty, Equality and Fraternity foundation of the French Republic remains the beacon in these dark hours.”

   “Our prayers go out to the families and friends and of all the bereaved ones.  May the Almighty give them strength during this difficult period,” she said. 

  Gumbs, like Wescot-Williams, express solidarity with the French side. He said in a press statement, “Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of the victims and their next of kin.  At the same time, we express our solidarity with the people of St. Martin, the Prefet, the Collectivite Executive and Territorial Councils during this difficult time as continental France comes to grip with the tragedy.”

  “The attacks in Paris has left the world in shock and sadness.  We pray for a speedy recovery of all the injured and continue to pray for the families who are grieving at this moment after losing their love ones,” Gumbs said.

  The Council of Ministers will head to the French side accompanied by staffers to be part of the moment of silence at the Memorial Monument of the Collectivite of St. Martin at 12:00pm today, Monday. They were invited by Prefete Laubies and St. Martin President Aline Hanson.

   The Democratic Party (DP), headed by Wescot-Williams, issued a statement saying: “This is not only an attack on the French capital, but one on humanity itself.”

  The party expressed condolences and a message of comfort to the French Republic of which St. Martin is a part “as they try to put the pieces together after the horrendous attacks throughout the French capital on Friday, November 13. Their personal and collective loss is immeasurable and we hope and pray that they will find strength, peace and comfort in the coming days and weeks.”

Source: The Daily Herald Outpouring of condolences after terrorist attacks in Paris