Outstanding warrant in St. Kitts for gas station shooting suspect

PHILIPSBURG–The second suspect in Monday’s fatal gas station shooting has an outstanding warrant in the neighbouring country St. Kitts and Nevis. R.R. (23) is said to be wanted for murder.

He and fellow suspect B.D. (22) in Monday’s shooting of Sol gas station attendant Gerard Saulveur continue to stay behind bars in St. Maarten after the Court of First Instance extended their pre-trial detention for eight days on Thursday.  

Prosecutor’s Office spokesperson Karola van Nie was unaware of the outstanding warrant and confirmed that R.R. was a first time offender in St. Maarten. Fellow suspect B.D. is well known to the police and court system.

“The detention was extended and we are moving forward with the investigation. We do believe that it can be proven that the suspects committed the crime on Monday. B.D., one of the suspects, was sentenced on January 29 and released in April,” said Van Nie. He was charged last year for illegal gun possession and trying to evade capture by police who were chasing him on L.B. Scott Road into the Cost-U-Less parking lot.

Police can detain a suspect for two days, after which the Judge of Instruction will check whether the arrest was made following correct procedures. The Prosecutor can request an extension of eight days or move to suspend the suspect’s detention. The Judge ruled that correct measures had been taken in the suspects’ arrests and granted the extension of eight days for the investigation to continue.

Police patrols rushed to the Sol gas station in Cole Bay close to 6:30pm Monday and saw a man lying down and not showing any signs of life. Paramedics, Detectives and the Forensic Department followed and arrived on the scene.

While they were investigating at Sol in Cole Bay, another call came into Emergency Dispatch informing them of another armed robbery taking place at the Sol gas station in Simpson Bay. Immediately several patrols went to investigate that robbery.

The police started to patrol the area and on the causeway they found a black Hyundai i20 with the two suspects in it. Searching the vehicle for evidence, police found cash and weapons.

The investigation continues while investigators find out the possible motives behind Monday’s shooting.

Source: The Daily Herald Outstanding warrant in St. Kitts for gas station shooting suspect