Over 60 SZV patients returned to the island as of March 22 | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic many persons have been unable to return home; this includes those receiving medical treatment or referrals abroad.

  Social and Health Insurances SZV shared in a press statement on Tuesday, measures taken by SZV for patients currently receiving treatment abroad.

  SZV-insured patients who are abroad for medical referrals have to adhere to the national measures taken in each country, such as social distancing, self-isolation et cetera, said a representative of SZV.

  “SZV-insured patients who are not admitted to the hospital must not be on the road other than to go for their medical appointments. As per directives of the respective national health authorities, no elective operations are being executed,” said SZV.

  According to SZV, all patients have direct contact with their SZV case managers in St. Maarten. “Our general contact lines are also available, via e-mail


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and the SZV Facebook page. The international desk of each clinic is consistently keeping us updated of the situation in their country and with our patients.”

  “Due to borders being closed by St. Maarten and other countries that have to be used as transit destinations (Panama, Curaçao), patients who are discharged will have to stay in the respective country until travel restrictions are lifted,” said SZV.

  Currently there are 40 SZV patients abroad.

  On March 16 SZV had 106 patients abroad. On March 18 and March 22, 66 patients who were either discharged or had to undergo elective operations or just follow-up consultations, returned to St. Maarten.

  SZV said in collaboration with the patients’ local treating physician and the treating specialist abroad it was determined if it was medically responsible to allow the patients to travel back home prior to their return.

  According to SZV, the list of patients returning was forwarded to the Collective Prevention Services (CPS) for follow-up. The patients and their companions were instructed to self-quarantine upon return and follow government directives.

  “At the moment we have 40 patients abroad. The determination of which patients had to stay abroad or return to St. Maarten was based on medical indication, for example, patients receiving combination chemo- and radiotherapy, patients who are hospitalised or other cases where it would be detrimental not to continue treatment,” according to the statement.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/over-60-szv-patients-returned-to-the-island-as-of-march-22