Painting of steps leading to Rue de Fort Louis underway | THE DAILY HERALD

Painting of the steps leading up to Rue de Fort Louis in progress.

MARIGOT–The Collectivité and its Cultural Affairs Department are currently overseeing an art project: the painting of the public stairway leading from the Marigot waterfront up to the Catholic Church, which is part of the call for art projects launched in 2022. The bottom end of the steps is located on the corner of Rue de la République and Boulevard de France.

This artistic project is in line with actions of the Cultural Affairs Department which aims to give art and culture their rightful place, in particular by encouraging the presence of street art throughout the territory.

Artist Elsa Martino was chosen from among several candidates. Already experienced in the art of public staircases, her particular area of expertise, the artist proposed to decorate the site with coloured flat tints representing tropical vegetation. The flat stair landings are more figuratively illustrated.

The aim of this project is to offer the public a pleasant ascent to Fort Louis. The painting will be completed on Monday, June 12.

Source: The Daily Herald