Parked vehicles obstruct Saba emergency services | THE DAILY HERALD

A Saba fire truck obstructed by a parked car.

SABA–Authorities in Saba have asked persons to refrain from parking vehicles on the road in such a way that they obstruct passing emergency response vehicles. If necessary, fines will be issued.

Saba roads are very narrow in some areas. Cars parked along these already narrow roads lead to slower responses by emergency services, and in a situation where time is of the essence this could become a matter of life or death.

Sometimes volunteers come to assist emergency services which leads to unnecessary parking along the roads. Two examples where this happened were the house fire on April 16 and the car accident on June 29.

The Public Entity Saba has requested all drivers to be aware of where they park during day and night hours. Residents are urged to adhere to the law and not to park their vehicles in areas where they might obstruct emergency vehicles of the Police Force, and the Fire- and Ambulance Departments. Authorities will keep an eye out for vehicles blocking the road and fines will be issued accordingly.

In another matter, the Public Entity Saba and the Fire Department announced that they are analysing the placement of fire hydrants at the large parking lot in Windwardside. This will be a first step in ensuring that the Fire Department will have quicker access to water.

Authorities have noted that bystanders want to assist in emergency situations. This gesture is appreciated, but the Public Entity Saba and the Fire Department must always consider safety first. Possibilities are being considered to work more closely with citizens who want to help in emergency and special situations.

Source: The Daily Herald