Parliament notified that St. Maarten crisis is over

THE HAGUE–Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk informed the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament on Wednesday that the constitutional crisis in St. Maarten is over.
Plasterk concluded in his update to the Dutch Parliament that a solution had been found by appointing a “formateur,” William Marlin, along with the decision to dissolve the St. Maarten Parliament. The Second Chamber had asked to be kept abreast of the developments in St. Maarten.
In his letter, Plasterk provided a chronological overview of the events since September 30, 2015, when the St. Maarten Parliament adopted a motion of no-confidence against the Gumbs cabinet, and three Members of Parliament (MPs) of the coalition joined the opposition.
However, the Gumbs cabinet refused to resign as long as the decree to dissolve Parliament had not been signed by St. Maarten Governor Eugene Holiday. Plasterk explained that the Governor had taken some time to consider the situation, and ultimately decided to seek the advice of three prominent judges.
Based on the judges’ advice, a “formateur” was appointed on October 22, in the person of Marlin, followed by the resignation of the Gumbs cabinet and the signing of the decree to dissolve Parliament on October 28. Elections will be held on February 9, 2016.
Plasterk stated that he had multiple telephone conversations with the Governor in the past weeks. He stated that he refrained from taking a position on the situation in St. Maarten because he considered it an issue that the country’s authorities could solve without interference.

Source: The Daily Herald Parliament notified that St. Maarten crisis is over