Parliament to discuss dissolution of Parliament and Election Day

PHILIPSBURG–The House of Parliament will sit in an urgent Central Committee meeting in the General Assembly Chamber at 2:00pm today, Thursday. Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs William Marlin will be present for this meeting.
The agenda point is: Discussion on the National decree dated November 3, 2017, containing the dissolution of Parliament and the stipulation of Election Day.

President of Parliament Sarah Wescot Williams said on Wednesday that she has a number of questions about the move by the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers to dissolve Parliament.
Governor Eugene Holiday stated on Tuesday that the task of “formateur” is to form an interim government supported by as broad a majority in Parliament as possible to foster political stability, a government that consists of Ministers who are committed to the promotion of the wellbeing of the people of Sint Maarten and who are dedicated to the reconstruction of Sint Maarten.
In addition, the Governor requested that the formateur form an interim government that dedicates itself to take immediate action to conclude the development of a recovery plan, to reach agreement with the Netherlands on the financing of the recovery plan, to cooperate with the social partners in rebuilding Sint Maarten, to revisit the budget for 2018 and to develop a plan to strengthen security.
The new government should also execute the agreement with the Netherlands on border control, implement the law on the Integrity Chamber in accordance with the protocol with the Netherlands, execute the elections and take steps to realise electoral reform.
The Governor further emphasised the importance of strict observance of the regulatory requirements, including the screening criteria applicable to the appointment of candidate-ministers.
Wescot-Williams said the mandate for the new government to organise scheduled elections should not be a task given to this interim cabinet.

Source: The Daily Herald