Parties must submit donation registers no later than Jan. 31

PHILIPSBURG–The Electoral Council reminds all registered political parties in accordance with the National Ordinance on Registration and Finances of Political Parties, they are required to submit a chronological register of donations of all donations received 2017, be it in cash, by check or in kind, before February 1 to the Council. 

  Political parties that did not receive any donations in 2017 must also submit a signed register to the Council. 

  All political parties are requested to complete their register of donations via an online database that the Electoral Council established for this purpose. The registered political parties have been sent an email message with login information and instructions on how to access the database in order to be able to complete the registration digitally. 

  Representatives of political parties, who did not receive the email message with instructions on how to access the database to complete their donation registration digitally, are requested to contact the Electoral Council by sending an email message to email-address:

The completed register will have to be printed, signed by the party representative and submitted to the Electoral Council no later than January 31. 

  Hurricane Irma has left the Electoral Council without its office, therefore, political parties are invited to submit the donations register to the representative of the Electoral Council in the conference room at the new Government Building on January 30 and 31 from 1:30pm and 5:30pm.

Source: The Daily Herald