Passengers of vehicle escape after nose dive into Simpson Bay Lagoon | THE DAILY HERALD

Police are investigating what caused the “peculiar accident”.

 SIMPSON BAY–Central Dispatch of St. Maarten Police Force KPSM received a distress call early Friday morning about a vehicle submerged in the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

Witnesses reported a pickup truck soared over the embankment and collided with a small fishing boat anchored in the lagoon before the car sank.

    Police reported that “the driver and passengers miraculously managed to escape the sinking vehicle and made their way to shore.”

    The accident occurred around 5:00am on Friday. The pickup truck came from the direction of the airport and was heading towards Simpson Bay, when the driver lost control in the last bend of Airport Road before the intersection with Sister Patientia Road in Simpson Bay. The vehicle crossed the road and made a nose dive into the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

    Ambulance personnel tended to the driver and passengers of the vehicle at the scene. “Fortunately, no major injuries were reported, and all individuals involved are now in stable condition,” police said.

    The aftermath of the incident saw the retrieval of the submerged pickup truck from the Simpson Bay Lagoon, marking the conclusion of a bizarre episode on the usually serene Airport Road, KPSM stated. “The Traffic Department is actively engaged in a comprehensive investigation to determine the root causes of this peculiar accident.”

    Officers of the Traffic Department of KPSM are urging anyone with additional information or eyewitness accounts to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation. “The safety of our community remains a top priority, and measures will be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.”

Source: The Daily Herald