Paul Emmanuel School Concert on Sunday, Marigot waterfront | THE DAILY HERALD

Paul Emmanuel.


MARIGOT–The Paul Emmanuel School will be holding its annual concert at the kiosk on the Marigot waterfront this coming Sunday, June 24, 2018, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

The free open-air concert sponsored by the Collectivité will showcase the talents of all the students who study music at the school in La Savane throughout the year. There will be solo and ensemble performances using a wide array of different instruments. One ensemble will feature violin.

“For this concert we will have quite a few parents joining in, singing and playing with their children,” said Emmanuel. “We have one family of five who will be performing and a brother and sister duo. We have a lot of new students as well.”

The concert will cover most of the popular genres: gospel, reggae, calypso, zouk, soca, R&B and pop.

Emmanuel disclosed his music studio in La Savane escaped the wrath of Hurricane Irma and was largely untouched. Also, most students returned to the school by November.

Food and drink will be on sale at the concert. Emmanuel encouraged the public and especially parents to come out and support their children at the concert.

Source: The Daily Herald