Payment of taxes postponed to Jan.

PHILIPSBURG–In an effort to give businesses some “breathing space” in the aftermath of the catastrophic Hurricane Irma, Government has postponed the collection of taxes from businesses until January 15.

  Finance Minister Richard Gibson made the announcement during the continuation of a meeting of the Central Committee of Parliament on Wednesday dealing with Government finances.

  Gibson told Members of Parliament (MPs) that Government has applied leniency as it relates to taxes. “We have been very lenient, and the payment of taxes is going to be postponed until January 15 to give people some breathing room,” he said.

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  “We are not forgiving any taxes,” he noted indicating that Government must continue to function, but he said the leniency will be applied and a notice will be sent out that payment of taxes will be postponed or can be postponed depending on the business’ desires until January 15. “So at least that cash flow they will have in the meantime.” 

  He said individuals and businesses that are suffering hardships will be evaluated on an individual basis. They just have to visit the Island Receiver and she will try to be as accommodating as possible and try to sift out these who are trying to take advantage of the circumstances, he said.  

Source: The Daily Herald