Pearl of China project may be split over two locations

POND ISLAND–The massive Chinese-backed Pearl of China hotel and convention centre project may now be spread over two locations, instead of concentrating on Belair beachfront.

The project, which was slated to already be on the way, hit a major snag when developers were confronted with deed restriction that impacted their plans for the large-scale construction for a 26-room hotel with a convention centre and 450 executive apartments.

Spatial Development and Infrastructure VROMI Minister Christophe Emmanuel said Wednesday his understanding is the developers were seeking a second location to construct part of the project. The developers are “seeking to acquire more land.”

The other part of the project, so far, is expected to remain at Belair in accordance to the permits already given for the former Barbaron project.

Emmanuel said no additional or new permit has been issued for the project other than the ones, among others, for excavating of the Belair site.

Source: The Daily Herald